Preparing your home to sell

There are many essential steps to getting your home ready to sell. Let’s take a look at some of the basic steps in getting prepared.  

1) Think of your home as a commodity or a product.

Consumers buy many different products for many various reasons. The one common denominator is that the products are appealing to the buyers. It would be best if you made your home appealing to buyers in several important ways.

2) De-Clutter every room 

De-cluttering the home will make the rooms seem more significant to potential buyers. Remove excess furniture to give the rooms a spacious look and feel. Less is more! Consider selling, donating or discarding furniture items that you will not be using or moving.

3) De-Personalize

Removing personal and family photos helps potential buyers more easily picture themselves as owners of the home. Individual photographs can also be distracting; buyers want to concentrate on the house, not the personal property.  

4) Consider renting a storage unit

Where do you put all the boxes when you are packing? Less clutter means more money for sellers! A storage unit can help solve the problem. Leave only enough furniture to show the room’s purpose with room for buyers to get around the tables and furniture.  

5) Rid your home of unpleasant odors

Air purifiers can significantly reduce home odors. Get rid of unpleasant cooking, smoking or pet odors. Replace the air filter and place a moisture reducer near the air return to reduce damp or musty odors in the air.

6) Make the house sparkle

Clean all windows and replace non-functioning light bulbs inside and outside. Buyers like a bright home with lots of natural light. Remove all dirt, mildew, and stains from the roof and siding. Contractors that perform power washing can help you with this task. A cleaned roof appear to look newer and give your home excellent curb appeal. Consider hiring a cleaning crew to perform a deep clean on the house. 

7) Have excellent curb appeal

You want to get buyers out of their car and into your home. Make your home so inviting from the outside that buyers want to step inside the house. Paint the front door, paint faded window trim, replace the welcome mat and consider replacing the front door lock(s) if badly weathered. Make the property as inviting as possible. Trim all exterior shrubbery, trees and grass and re-mulch as needed.