Sell Your Home With Confidence

More certainty. Less worry. Sell your home with Ed Curry, Realtor 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Receive a RealSure Cash Offer from a Better Homes and Garden Real Estate agent during your listing appointment. 
  2. Enrollment starts your 45-Day Cash Offer Acceptance Period.
  3. Let Ed Curry do what he does best—market your home and work to beat the Cash Offer:
    1. Did you get a higher offer from another buyer? Great! Take it, we want you to get the best price you can.
    2. Want to accept the Cash Offer? The Cash Offer is there when you need it. You can accept the Cash Offer at any time during your Acceptance Period.
  4. If, after 45 days you want to continue marketing your home, you may. There is no obligation to accept the Cash Offer, but as a reminder, your Cash Offer will then expire.
  5. If you do accept the Cash Offer, RealSure’s flexible closing options lets you choose a date that is convenient for you. Select a closing date any time between 20 and 45 days after acceptance.  

Certain restrictions apply, please contact me for details.